Coachella 2016 Update - BUZZFEED Approved!!

 We had a blast slinging our Indie Jams pop tarts at Coachella this year. BUZZFEED was there eating their way through the festival and turns out that they loved our musical treats so much that we were chosen as on of the best foods at Coachella! See below!!

“Pop” Strawberry Pop Tart from Indie Jams

Ingredients: Strawberry jam, strawberry icing, strawberry pop rocks

Price: $3

Claire: This thing was tiny for $3, but it was ideal for when you only wanted a bite of something sweet, rather than a whole, rich dessert. I was nervous about the pop rocks, because, like, why, but they were a surprisingly welcome addition to the flavor party happening in my mouth. The pastry dough was a heavenly mixture of sweet butter and toasty texture, while neither the icing or the jam on the inside were too sweet. PERFECT MARKS.