Coachella 2016 Update - BUZZFEED Approved!!

 We had a blast slinging our Indie Jams pop tarts at Coachella this year. BUZZFEED was there eating their way through the festival and turns out that they loved our musical treats so much that we were chosen as on of the best foods at Coachella! See below!!

“Pop” Strawberry Pop Tart from Indie Jams

Ingredients: Strawberry jam, strawberry icing, strawberry pop rocks

Price: $3

Claire: This thing was tiny for $3, but it was ideal for when you only wanted a bite of something sweet, rather than a whole, rich dessert. I was nervous about the pop rocks, because, like, why, but they were a surprisingly welcome addition to the flavor party happening in my mouth. The pastry dough was a heavenly mixture of sweet butter and toasty texture, while neither the icing or the jam on the inside were too sweet. PERFECT MARKS.

Indie Jams wins the Wild Card Award at LA Street Food Fest!


The LA Street Food Fest at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena was a great success! We showed up with mini versions of the pop tarts we made at Coachella and the "indie tart" was born. Our little jam-filled indie tarts made a big impression with the judges and we won the Wild Card Award! It came as a total surprise, but if you know us it kind of fits perfectly. The countless hours of jam-making, dough rolling & baking paid off, and best of all we had a great time feeding all the Street Foodies! Until next summer!!



Grub on the Grounds: Must-Try Eats at Coachella

Thank you to KROQ for featuring us on their list of "Must-Try Eats at Coachella"!

"Meredith Lockwood combined her love for music and her romance with food to create Indie Jams. The clever play on words works as Lockwood merges local music with locally sourced, organic fruit to whip up her impressive seasonal jams. Being mindful of those looking to grab food on the go however, Indie Jams developed the “Jam Tart”. This perfectly flaky pastry is filled with either blueberry or Prosecco strawberry jam and dressed with the spice of a cinnamon whiskey glaze or a dusting of Pop Rocks candy for some crunch. The handheld treat is a find on the Coachella grounds." -Ramon Gonzales

We are so glad you enjoyed your tart!


"The Five Best Things We Ate at Coachella"

We couldn't be more excited about being named one of "The Five Best Things We Ate at Coachella" by LA Mag:

"Interestingly enough, the most fun option that hits both food groups were the handmade organic pop tarts jam-filled pastries by Indie Jams in the Terrace yurts. Think smoky blueberry jam topped with cinnamon whiskey glaze, or strawberry prosecco jam topped with pop rocks. (Yes you read that right. Pop. Rocks.)" -Zach Brooks

We appreciate the kind words, Zach!  And if you haven't heard his Podcast, Food is the New Rock, we suggest you go check it out ASAP.

Thank you for your support and we can't wait for weekend 2!